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. and retired four-star general barry mccaffrey. obviously, part of the problem for the u.s. and the white house is in the past reports of gadhafi's death have proved to be exaggerated, shall we say. aiman, obviously, you spent a lot of time in that region. what are we hearing about what happened in libya? >> we are getting reports from sources in sirte and in tripoli that moammar gadhafi has been killed. the details of how he was killed remain conflicting. there's reports there was a convoy trying to leave sirte. there are also reports he was captured first on the ground in some kind of underground tunnel and then killed at the hands of the rebels that did capture him. we have reports that his son, one of the leaders of the paramilitary forces in libya was also captured. he'll be able to shed light on the final days and hours and indeed what happened. >> jamie, indeed, what's the importance and the significance as we look at the larger context of the arab spring? >> it's a very big day. it's hard to imagine a bigger day in the context of the arab spring. the uprising in libya in which the peopl
walker is live at the white house for us. tell as you little more about the administration's strategy here. >> good morning to you, chris. this new strategy comes with a new mantra, which is we can't wait. the idea here is really to turn up the heat on congress to get something done on that jobs bill the president proposed and it's also to show the president can act without congress, to show he can do something to try to steer this economy in the right direction. as you know, some of his critics have accused the president of not doing enough to get the economy back on track. here the president taking these executive actions and saying if congress won't act, i will. one of president obama's advisors said they felt the need to act right now because of the obstructionism in congress. one senior advisor told me we can expect to see this as a big, major push here at the white house. in other words, we're going to see more of these initiatives unveiled over the coming days and weeks. the president this week unveiling help for homeowners, help for vets putting them back to work and help for
at the white house. thank you. >>> the u.s. military is working to track down the source of a computer virus that's infected a group of computers with top-secret information. those computers controlled unmanned drones that military uses to spy on and attack terror targets abroad. i am joined by nbc chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. what can you tell us about this? >> it was discovered at the creek air force base where pilots from half a world away are able to control drones that are not only surveilling, but actually attacking targets in southwest asia, the persian gufrl agulf and now in africa as well. u.s. military and administration officials tell us that, look, there's no sense that this virus which has infected these pilot systems, operational systems has gleaned any kind of classified information or cause good damage, but several attempts to get rid of it have been unsuccessful so it has raised some alarms, but people so far in the military, in particular, who are involved in this program say, look, we're very much concerned. we're trying to get rid of it and we're trying
this press conference is behind because a few minutes ago the sheriff was up on the property behind us where they are trying to detain a grizzly bear and lion. one of the five animals still loose here today. there could be as many as 13, but they think they might have actually put down some of those animals last night and weren't able to recover the bodies yet. this is an intriguing story. there's a lot of unknowns right now. and what we hope to find out at the press conference is exactly what happened to the owner of this preserve. terry thompson was found dead in all the cages of some 64 animals were left open yesterday and people started calling in and giving reports about lions and tigers and bears roaming the area. and that's why there are at least four schools closed down today. one of the things we think the sheriff is going to talk to us about when he does come over here is the fact of how terry thompson died. there is some belief that he might have actually taken his own life and he also might be responsible for letting loose his own animals. exactly why he might have done that, chr
for the housing bust. cnbc's chief washington correspondent john harwood joins me now. john, good morning. fill us in on the details of this plan. >> chris, for the president of the united states when the economy is so weak and people are so upset, there is an impulse on the part of the american people to say don't just stand there, do something. the president has got to take whatever actions he can using his executive authority to make a difference. so he's going to try, first of all, with new rules on refinancing to try to help people who are under water on their mortgages, make it easier for them to get refinancing. you've got to get federal authorities to go along with that. he's going to try to ease the repayment terms for student loans. he's already taken some steps to speed payments to small businesses. help returning veterans get jobs. but, of course, these are all things that only have an impact on the margins. if they would make a big difference on the economy, he wouldn't have gone to congress in the first place, trying to get an economic plan. but this is better than nothing. and by th
information officer for the kansas city police. thank you so much for joining us. what do investigators think happened here? >> chris, we got a call this morning about 4:00 a.m. from the father of the child stating that he went to check on the child and she was missing out of her crib. there are signs of forced entry at the bedroom window, and we're believing that someone possibly entered through that window and abducted the child. >> so somebody just came in, took this baby, and took off? >> that's what the evidence shows right now. we don't have any eyewitnesses to the incident. we have no suspect information, but from the evidence at the scene, that's what appears happened. >> well, we're showing a picture of the little girl. she has blue eyes, blond hair, is 30 inches tall, 26 to 30 pounds. what can people do to help? >> please, if anyone in the neighborhood or if anyone see this is child, please call us. we need any information that we can get. right now we have absolutely nothing. we're canvassing the neighborhoods, knock iing on doors, seeing if anyone saw anything between 10:30 and 4:
's get those people trained, that will certainly help to move us in the right direction. >> john challenger, thank you so much. now i want to bring in earl hutchison. earl, good morning to you, and first i want to get your overall reaction to these numbers. >> good morning to you. well, not surprised. 9.1% three months, still stuck there. although one little ray of light. we did see in august that job figures were revised up from zero, can't get lower than that, to 57,000. so we're seeing some things. we're seeing really a little bit of movement, but on the other hand we're seeing the stagnation that's set in. we have to ask ourselves, how's this going to play out and impact both on the gop and president obama, because as we well know -- >> let me play for you what joe biden had to say yesterday which raised some eyebrows. take a listen. >> is it strong enough as a republican party to beat this president? >> absolutely, absolutely. it's strong enough to beat both of us. a significant portion of the american people believe the country is not moving in the right direction. whether
's violent death, what's negts for libya and what will the u.s. role be? nato's governing body is deciding whether to keep air patrol overhead until thinking stabilize. hillary clinton calling on them to move swiftly toward democracy. >> the death of moammar gadhafi has brought to a close a very unfortunate chapter in libya's history but it also marks the start of a new era for the libyan people. >> joining me now, nbc chief correspondent richard engel. good to see you, richard. what is next and how difficult is it going to be? >> it depends on what happens on the ground but it shouldn't be that difficult theoretically. they have liberated their own country with nato help. there's only 6 million people living in libya. the country is exploding in oil. it's probably more difficult to be tl mayor of new york than the president of libya. they certainly have more money. it's not that difficult of a job. >> but you have all these tribal differences. >> yes, but they're not religious difference or ethnic differences. there are tribes and many countries have tribes and they get along very well. g
. if you trace the line, that could mean federal tax dollars could be used to pay for abortion services. they want to clees that gap, although there's ott parts of the federal law that says you can't use tax money for abortion. they felt the expectative order, kind of a side letter when the bill was originally signed, isn't strong enough. it was extremely emotional testimony. speeches being gimp both for and against with very strong l language. even former speaker nancy pelosi saying she believed they wanted to leave women dead on the floor. the passions were great. the practical effect is very limited. chris? >> kelly o'donnell. those votes getting their votes on the record in any case. thank you so much. >>> the new iphone is out, but is it worth the hype? we've got all the details for you, and we're going to test drive it as well in just a couple of minutes. >>> there's been an arrest in the murder of a maryland woman. her husband. but still, no sign of her 11-year-old mon. william mcquain hasn't been seen since september 30th. his stepfather was arrested in north carolina and charge
from both democrats and republicans. nbc's luke russert joins us from washington. luke, that bill wasn't a blockbuster job creating bill, but maybe it's a start. >> that's right. that's what a lot of republicans are saying, chris. this is a bill about an interesting sort of tax. it was a tax that would essentially say the government would have to hold back 3% of whatever they would pay government contractors because over time, they felt government contractors were not taxing themselves properly. this is a tax that a lot of small businesses do not like. it was in the president obama's jobs plan bill to repeal this tax, specifically republicans jumped on it. yesterday it passed the house by a wide margin, 405-16. that being said, it was essentially repealed a law that had never been enacted. never been enacted because a lot of people on both sides felt it was a law with a lot of faults to it. therefore, it won't have an immediate economic impact for a big stimulus package, chris. >> let's talk about the debt reduction super committee. they're far from a deal. what's it say? >> it's inter
. i guess the question is, we get used to, richard, democrats beating up on republicans and vice versa. are the republicans kicking themselves? >> i don't know that they have much choice here. i mean, the number of candidates is -- it keeps kind of thinning out each week. although they're still in the race, they seem to exclude themselves. david plouffe there was really trying to channel some of bush in 2004. that you may not like the way things are going right now, but here's a leader who's prepared to lead, take these kinds of executive orders. compared to candidates like mitt romney who doesn't really know where he stands or a party that's out of the mainstream. out of the mainstream, a candidate who doesn't know what he is, that's exactly what republicans did to john kerry in 2004. >> mitt romney has been constant in the polls. but we've seen so many people as you say take the lead. five minutes here. it was herman cain, rick perry, michele bachmann. perry, your paper suggests that newt gingrich is actually in some corners being looked at again. >> he's the next guy, i guess, in li
to it, how important this might be for rick perry tonight. give us your sense of it. how big a deal is this debate tonight for him? >> it seems like a very big deal. i actually think the republican debates have been unusually important. it's hard to recall a recent primary in which the debates have seemed to do so much to the front-runner and destroy the other contenders. perry's bubble, when he came in, he seemed invincible, and within a couple of weeks, a couple of debates, and it seemed almost entirely driven by debate performance, he completely collapsed. that and a couple gaffs on the campaign trail. mitt romney, meanwhile, a lot of his energy right now is coming from the debates, so a good performance from perry? i don't want to say it could turn things around, but it could certainly help him out. it's important to realize there's a while before the primary voting gets under way and it seems plausible to me that perry will mount a comeback, because i know herman cain is doing well, but perry remains an unusually plausible or notably plausible candidate as opposed to mitt romne
night's debate, and ron paul took aim at herman cain. >> you've been rather critical of any of us who what want to you a did t audit the fed. you used pretty strong terms that we were ignorant and we didn't know what we were doing. >> first of all, you have misquoted me. i did not call you or any of your people ignorant. i don't know where that came from. >> well, so who is right? "the washington post" found this clip of herman cain posted on ron paul's campaign site. >> i think a lot of people are calling for this audit of the federal reserve because they don't know enough about it. there's no hidden secrets going on in the federal reserve to my knowledge. >> so, true, herman cain never called ron paul and his followers ignorant, he just said they don't know enough about it. so you can judge whether or not that was true or not. but how do you separate fact from fiction in a two-hour debate? well, that's one thing bill takes on. he's washington bureau chief with "the st. petersburg times." let's start with the front-runner, mitt romney, who talked about the rise in government spending
. meantime, in the u.s., new groups are springing up. while some more established ones are having growing pains. for example, chicago, police arrested 175 people and tore down tents when protesters there refused to leave grant park. in orange county, california, police blocked demonstrators from setting up camp outside city hall in irving. and here in new york where the movement just turned one month old, organizers say they've now raised more than $300,000 to keep the momentum going. nbc is in new york and michelle franzen is in london. let's start with you, mar a, i understand the demonstrators have shown they won't be ehave itted from the park and they're going to march on times square. what's next? >> reporter: absolutely. in terms of planning, they want to keep this momentum going. as you mentioned, today marks the one-month on verseanniversa. they released a statement saying while they are gratified they are not celebrating because there is still so much work to do. one thing that is clear though is their support continues to grow like you mentioned, financial donations pour in. als
not be in that position which they tried to put us in in 2009 and 2010 of just saying no. we have to come forward with something else. >> you think getting out into the community, you think making these proposals like the mortgage proposal that it's going in the right direction, he's doing the right thing. >> oh, i do, absolutely. i think it is very important for the president to get out of the bubble of washington, to get closer to where people are so that they can see and hear from him directly the impact that his plans are going to have. what are you doing to create jobs? now we can talk about the merits of the policy and the effectiveness of the policy but in terms of where people are right now, that kind of contact is always a good thing for political leadership to do. i think in terms of republican leadership, it may behoove them to also go out into the community, get on their bus, if you will, to go out into the country to lay out why their opposition to what the president is doing is so important in terms of their plan to create jobs. >> well, let me play for you a clip of something the p
used tear gas. we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. but check out some more numbers. just this morning, the college board reporting that tuition costs are up more than 8% at four-year schools. and up nearly 9% at two-year colleges. nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house for us. so, mike, the president's going to unveil his plan at the university of colorado. i guess that state has among the highest student loan default rates in the nation? >> reporter: i tell you, it's a terrifying prospect, chris, if you're the parent of children under college age or you're a student in college and you keep having to take out these loans. the price of college is growing twice as fast as inflation. the average list price in-state tuition for a state school now, topping $17,000. and that includes room and board, and it's no wonder that the majority of college students are now graduating with debt, sometimes on average, of about $20,000. the president, last year, he had a new initiative with rard to student loans, trying to make them cheaper. he's talked about it a lot, cutting
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to keep saying it. all of us believe. if there were the infrastructure money put out there, that creates very living-wage jobs, which makes the small business in the area come back to life. i think that it is absolutely imperative that the president not get off that theme and get spread out at anything else. nothing but infrastructure jobs in this country. >> congressman, thank you so much. herman cain says he's not the flair of the week, but he compares himself to a flavor of ice cream. wait until you hear it in about 8 minutes. >>> critics are calling it the women will die act. a showdown over abortion funding is taking center stage in congress. joe pitts of pennsylvania is proposing the protect life act. it's expected to be taken up by the house today. we want to go live to capitol hill where kelly o'donnell has been looking into this. what does this bill propose? >> the big background is that house republicans have promised their colleagues and members and voters that they would do whatever they could to make sure there were no attempts to use federal money in any way connected with
vigil using one of john's revolutionary products. the ipad. for first time in 20 years, "time" magazine stopped the presses so they could devote coverage to steve jobs. nbc's januaet shamlian. >> reporter: over my shoulder, people leaving tributes in the form of flowers and cards and apples. some with a bite out of them. the flags here again flying at half-staff as they have been since yesterday afternoon when apple issued this statement. announcing the death of steve jobs. and steve jobs family which lives in the community and calls cupertino home also released a statement saying that they are touched by this outpouring. he died surrounded by his family and now asking for some privacy in their grief. what we are seeing from apple employees, it is pretty much just silence. nobody is really saying much of anything. apple promised it is going to have some type of memorial or tribute for its own employees. certainly this is where steve jobs' loss is being felt the most, the place he worked, birth place of so many of the products that people all over the world use today. >> nbc's janet sham
he worked, birth place of so many of the products that people all over the world use today. >> nbc's janet shamlian. it would be hard to overstate jobs' influence on how all of us lived. >> reporter: he was a college dropout who co-founded apple computer in 1976. within a few years, became fabulously wealthy. >> he is a regular guy who started in his garage with this idea with a friend. and built this thing into this multibillion dollar business. >> reporter: his secret, wow the consumers with cool designs and ease of use. >> when it comes to consumer computer users, the computer industry hasn't done a really good job of trying to understand them and understand their desires and needs. >> reporter: in 1984, he introduced the macintosh, calling it insanely great. there was a famous super bowl ad for the mac running once on tv but seen millions of times on youtube. >> we shall prevail. >> reporter: apple didn't always prevail. faced with tough competition, the company struggled trying to gain a share of the personal computer market. and steve jobs had an abrasive personality that con
when the judge and jury return to let us all know and most importantly amanda knox and rafael whether they will be going home or back to prison. chris? >> thanks so much, keith miller. as we mentioned, it's been four years since amanda knox was charged with murder. just a student from seattle like so many other americans studying abroad. nbc's stephanie gosk is in seattle and, stephanie, i understand you've been with a group of amanda's supporters that, they have been up all night? >> reporter: yeah, chris. we've been pulling an all-nighter here. this was an emotional evening. the sun just barely coming up now as we're talking. they watched intensely as these last statements were given by amanda knox holding hands, drinking coffee, at times crying because it was such an emotional moment. we talked to a number of them afterwards about what it was like to see that. a lot of them saying amanda knox has really grown up in these four years, and she was just basically almost a teenager when she was in italy, and now they see her as a grown woman looking confident even though shaky and obvio
left, if this is all the people in the u.s., chris, this is the group "occupy wall street" protesters are targeting, the 1% in yellow. up to this point, they have been for the most part faceless. we have done a little digging and found out who they are. the top occupation of the 1%, executors and pan jeers. the ceo of abercrombie & fitch, who was criticized by his $23 million salary. in the 1%, medical. you can see right there, about 1 of 6 of the 1%, surgeons, family doctors and the like. third, the financial profession, 14% of the 1%. that's the group they have been targeting theoretically. one group not heavily targeted yet, congress. they might soon with this fact in hand. media net worth for a member of congress, just over 900,0$900,0. curious if you are a 1%, you would have to make more than $1.1 million. 10%, $164,000. the 90%, 31,244. the 1%, no matter who they are, their wealth has pushed the u.s. income equality the ranking behind countries like china, russia, and iran. >> that's what they are complaining about, that inequality. thank you so much. let me talk to washington p
week old baby with us. >> just relax, calm down. your husband is with you, right? >> yes, but my baby. >> i understand. a police officer is on the way. >> the farm's owner say it usually takes about an hour for people to find their way out. >>> actress and u.n. goodwill ambassador angelina jolie is in libya to show her solidarity with the people there. she toured the destruction in m misrata. >> a lot of the people who are a part of the solution and are working in positions of the military and you find that just before the revolution they had retired or they were running restaurants or they were selling baby clothes and they have all quit their jobs and they're working here now on behalf of their country. >> during her visit, jolie will also help agencies deliver aid and meet with u.n. representatives. >>> country star hank williams jr. telling the ladies on "the view" why he made the comments he did about president obama and hitler. we'll have it for you when we go down to the wire in 20. >>> big announcement this morning from general motors. it plans to sell its first all electric c
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)

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